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What is Home Health Care

Home Health Care is health care provided in a client’s home by healthcare professionals. It is the delivery of health services as directed by a doctor, with such delivery done in a safe, professional, and cost effective manner in the comfort of the client’s home.

These services in the home may become necessary due to acute illness, accidents, long-term health conditions, permanent disabilities, terminal illness or the impact of aging.The Home Health Care personnel including doctors, nurses, therapists and other specialized professionals would provide clinical interventions such as wound care, assistance with medication, rehabilitation and therapy, IV therapy, et cetera, to the client directly in their home.

Benefits of Home Health Care

Reduced frequency of hospital visits or extended hospitalization, resulting to less risk of hospital acquired diseases.
Peace of mind for family members and friends who may not have the time or necessary skills needed to care for their sick ones.
Personalized in-home care for the elderly clients who need supportive care and assistance with activities of daily living.
Culturally appropriate, one-on-one and comprehensive care tailored to meet the individual lifestyle and circumstance of the client.
Regular Health Assessment including Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Blood sugar levels checks, etc.; and chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis are effectively managed at home.
Home health care is cost-efficient and helps to reduce medical cost without loss of quality of care.

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