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Anyone who has ever had a loved one suffer an injury, illness or a chronic condition that landed them in the hospital for an extended period of time can attest to the fact that both the patient and the family missed being at home. The normalcy, comfort, and familiar surroundings of home, are so much more emotionally nourishing than the cold, institutional feel of a hospital room.

Home Health is the provision of healthcare services to the patient at home. For many people in difficult health circumstances, Home Health can bridge the gap between getting the medical care and therapy they need while still enjoying the comforts of their own home. Although some people need institutionalized care, home health care nurses, therapists and assistants can provide care that removes this burden from many families while providing several tangible benefits for everyone involved.

Probably the most obvious benefit of Home Health is the improved emotional state of the patient; and not just the patient, but their entire family and social network. Scientific studies from around the world, including Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, etc., have quantified how a positive mental and emotional outlook, along with family and social support, can actually trump physical symptoms in dictating the recovery time and lifespan of patients.

When people can receive skilled home care as they recover or go through the aging process, their outcomes are significantly better than those confined to hospital rooms. They are more relaxed, independent and happy in their own homes, can enjoy their family and social circles more conveniently, and can still receive the skilled assistance they need with Home Health care services.

Studies have also shown that Home Health can have positive medical benefits for patients as well. When a family can engage high-quality Home Health care services for a loved one, they can come home from the hospital faster and still get the care and attention they need. But because that care happens at home, patients are often able to rest better and recuperate faster because they are more relaxed and happy at home.

The risk for the sort of secondary infections common in hospitals is also significantly reduced when a patient can receive home care instead. This reduces many health complications and prevents even longer or secondary hospital stays.

When Home Health enable a patient to stay out of the hospital, this also helps decrease the impact of an illness or chronic condition on a family’s budget. Recent studies and surveys attempting to compare the overall cost of receiving homecare instead of institutionalized care show that, on average, in home care services generally cost about 75 percent over the course of a year than extended hospitalization.

Of course, every family and every patient is unique and there are many questions that need to be answered when trying to decide whether a loved one needs to remain in institutional care, or whether they would do better in a home care setting. At Prompt Home Health, our compassionate, highly-trained professional caregivers have been able to help many families enjoy a happier, more independent and healthier time with their loved ones at home.

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